About the Journal

Sekartaji: Jurnal Studi Gender dan Anak is published by the Center for Gender and Child Studies (PSGA) of the Islamic institute state of kediri (IAIN Kediri). First published in 2024, this journal is published twice a year in January-June and July-December. This is a scientific communication media for enthusiasts and observers of gender and children study.The editor receives articles of gender and children study from academics, researchers, practitioners, and postgraduate students. The articles will be published after a mechanism of selection, being examined by the expert, and editing process. Therefore, this journal Sekartaji: Jurnal Studi Gender dan Anak can be a media to comprehend gender and children problems and a reference for gender and children studies

This journal is open-access which means that everyone can access for individual or institution for free. Users will be allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, produce, create link from article, or use the articles for academic writing under the condition of publication ethics.

This journal has been indexed by national and international indexing website, such as CrossRef. And this journal has Digital Object Identifier (DOI).